Memories of Place

Memories are not tangible things they change over time and can become distorted. Recollections can often be different from others' memories of the same incident, of course the experiences are being seen from differing perspectives so there will always be diverse memories but sometimes they can be fundamentally different.
The memories I thought about touching upon are not just mine,

maybe they are memories of the past occupants, maybe they are memories of the house itself, maybe they are memories of the place where the house stands, if indeed there are such things. In the piece I have tried to look at all of these and to take into account all the diverse memories of the place and mix a bit of all of them into one work.

"Memory and replica. Photography is a system of saving memories. It’s a time machine, in a preserve the memory, to preserve time."
- Hiroshi Sugimoto

This piece has slumped glass 'blocks' that were shaped by a mold made from the bark of a 400 year old yew tree and also have old photographs embedded inside them. They encapsulate the memory that is within the photographs whilst also using the physical memory of the tree bark.

The videos I made for this piece are here

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