A condensed history of 20th century art/sculpture

So my first piece for college.
As a summer project we were given 5 texts to read all from Art in Theory 1900 -2000 the first by Clement Greenberg on Modernism the other four on Post Modernism, Craig Owens, Rosalind Krauss and two by Jean-Francois Lyotard. All hardcore art theory! We were also asked to make a piece which was inspired by our reading its a huge subject and didn't lead me to any particular thing so I decided to do an overall view of some of what I'd read, hence the broad nature of this piece.
Its occurred to me that I've always thought outside of the box but this time Iv'e been thinking inside the box since I constructed a box or cube to house my condensed history.

T. shirts a wearable collection

This page is a project I'm doing outside/inside college I have a large number of T.shirts and thought I'd wear a different one for every day I'm at college this academic year. Photograph them and maybe someone will write about them as I think they are quite interesting some are 30 years old and many are not your average tee. Obviously this is an ongoing project and at the time of writing I only have the first week up
My college t.shit blog

Toys to some

Guns are lethal in the wrong hands, high school massacres, international and civil wars.
These look like copies of real guns but come from moulds made from toys!

Glass and mixed media.


Crash is a reflection on the freedom, beauty, grace and dexterity
of skating, it also focuses on the danger and pitfalls of the sport.

Skating like life it has its uplifting, triumphant moments but
it is a place where fragility and mortality are always present.

One small movement either way can bring success or disaster.


Throughout history people have always moved, looking for a better life. This is how much of the world was populated

Some early bronze

In the summer 2006 I cast my first bronze (and glass) during one of my many stints at the Bild-Werk International Summer Academy,in Germany. It was on a course called 'Street Alchemy' taught by Stephen Paul Day.

Memories of Place

Memories are not tangible things they change over time and can become distorted. Recollections can often be different from others' memories of the same incident, of course the experiences are being seen from differing perspectives so there will always be diverse memories but sometimes they can be fundamentally different.
The memories I thought about touching upon are not just mine,

Ghosts of Pete Townshends Guitars

Back in 2010 in I submitted a piece to the Victoria & Albert Museum's annual art competition 'Inspired By" for people on part-time courses. The final piece that I submitted was selected and displayed for a month. They also took an edited version of the video I made, detailing the ideas, processes, research and making of The Ghosts of Pete Townshends Guitars (TGOPTG) and showed it alongside the piece.

Encased in PVC & T.shirt time

Some work from the late '90s and early 2000s
Encased in PVC was a series of pieces that I made that instead of framing under glass which would have made the objects that I collected together into very large and heavy pieces.

Doodle and Gomi Soup 1990

Some Images from my first exhibition
Unfortunatly the exhibition was not documented very well and the photos are not of the highest quality.

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