Ghost guitars

In September of 2010 I exhibited in Illumini's Secret Subterranean London show, this installation featured the ghost guitars I cast in glass. Set as a 1960s backstage gig dressing room in the Camden Roundhouse, London. The show was in the basement of Shoreditch Town Hall.

Originally built in 1847 as a roundhouse, a circular building containing a railway turntable for turning trains 180 degrees, but was only used for this purpose for about a decade. And after being used as a warehouse for a number of years, the building fell into disuse just before the Second World War. It reopened twenty-five years later when in 1967 the damp, dilapidated building was turned into a performing arts venue. The Who played there in 1968.
Pete Townsend nearly always smashed his guitar at the end of gigs. To me this akin to smashing your glass after a toast, the glass cannot then be debased by another inferior toast so with his guitars they have fulfilled their potential and cannot be then corrupted by an inferior performance.
These pieces created in glass and pate-de-vere represent the ghosts of the instruments which were destroyed. I feel that for them to have been played with such feeling, passion and enthusiasm it may be conceivable that their vibe must live on someplace.

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