Ghosts of Pete Townshends Guitars

Back in 2010 in I submitted a piece to the Victoria & Albert Museum's annual art competition 'Inspired By" for people on part-time courses. The final piece that I submitted was selected and displayed for a month. They also took an edited version of the video I made, detailing the ideas, processes, research and making of The Ghosts of Pete Townshends Guitars (TGOPTG) and showed it alongside the piece.

TGOPTG has different incarnations The first showing was at GHost in the belfry, St Johns Church in Bethnal Green in December '09 .The second being the Illumini's Secret Subterranean London show in September 2010 and the third in V & A Inspired By show in October of the same year. The Illumini show was more of an installation piece with the 3rd version of the boxed ghosts and the 3/4 size glass guitar which I had also cast in glass. Another post in the installation section has more pics.
The piece came about as I say from the competition which is to make something inspired by on object in the V & A collection. My first idea was to cast in glass the shrapnel holes on the outside of the stone building which have been left over from the 1940 blitz but then I was told that, that had already been done so I spent a day wandering around the museum and as amazing as the collection is I didn't see anything that fired my imagination until I went into the theatre and performance department. One of the first things I saw was Pete Townshends broken guitar, of course I knew of his ritualistic smashing of guitars at the end of his gigs but never expected to find one there. I thought "A dead guitar! mmm What happens when you kill a guitar? especially one that has been played whit such enthusiasm, passion and energy. What happens to the soul or ghost of that guitar and how would it look? Thus the idea of the ghosts of a guitar started to come about.
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