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In 2013 I started a sculpture BA at Camberwell school of Art and received a 1st class honours degree on completion.
And since mid 2016 I have been using a new site AndrewG-J

Artists Statement

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I grew up in a large house in Northern Ireland, surrounded by an idyllic countryside but traversed by bigotry and war. As a result I've had an ongoing need to make sense of the relationship between creativity and destruction.
Ever since I can remember I wanted to be an artist. My first major influence was punk and the DIY ethic that went along with it. Firstly it was the music, but also the zines, clothes, flyers, posters and the whole range of creativity. After attending a Mutoid Waste party in 1989, I realised that what I wanted to make was considered art by many. It gave me the confidence to start creating my found object collages which led to my first show in 1990 (Doodle and Gomi Soup, London).

Curriculum Vitae

      Andrew Graves-Johnston.

   Summary of Experience & Skills

  • Artist: Exhibited in the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2010, Won the David Bowker Prize WAES, in 2008, and was Highly Commended in 2010 ; my work has featured in 30 exhibitions over the last 20 years in the UK, Ireland and Australia.
  • Extensive art studies: BTEC Level 3 at WAES in Kiln Fired Glass; Foundation Art and Design & many other related topics, but still eager for new challenges and new knowledge.
  • Experienced manager & team player in art world: Organising and funding of exhibitions & installations; have hung my own and others' work.
  • Good technical knowledge & experience: Of casting Glass and bronze, of video, sound & lighting for art installations, theatre and music gigs.
  • Wide design & craft experience: - art director, set designer, scenic carpenter & props maker for independent film and theatre companies; a competent metal worker, able to use many different power tools including large factory floor machines.
  • Highly IT literate: Administrator and Editor of multimedia site. Built own computers; installed Windows & Linux and can diagnose and fix most computer problems. Competent in digital manipulation of audio, video and pictures with programs such as Audacity, Adobe Premiere and Photoshop.
  • Performance: Actor, fire performer, writer, band member, stilt walker, model, radio presenter and DJ at festivals & venues in UK and abroad.
  • For complete CV see Read more

    Gomi and Glass

    On High. mixed media 1990

    So a brand new site and the question is where do I start?
    The most logical place to start is at the beginning, to explain the name Gomi and Glass and a post for the start of my artistic endeavours, my first show which in was way back in 1990.
    My first experience of exhibiting was a two man show, artist and puppet maker Cliff Doliver and myself put on an exhibition called Doodle and Gomi Soup in the gallery at Oval House Theatre, London.

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