Some early bronze

In the summer 2006 I cast my first bronze (and glass) during one of my many stints at the Bild-Werk International Summer Academy,in Germany. It was on a course called 'Street Alchemy' taught by Stephen Paul Day.

Since it was the first time I had cast bronze the things I cast were quite experimental. Testing what the material could do, how it reacted, what its limits were, and what you can and cant do with it. Here are some of the pieces I made then and a couple from 2007. It is an amazing material and like glass, when you pour the molten bronze into the mould you never know exactly what will emerge, unlike glass you can see your results pretty quickly afterwards. I love it when it does not do what you expect! and in my view the unplanned things, spillage, mould breaks etc can sometimes give the piece much more, even change it completely and make it much better than originally planned. This happened to some these pieces but I'm not telling you which ones. I call this process 'the hand of god' when it happens. (even if I dont believe)

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