I got so fed up with doing presentations at collage using powerpoint and not being able to convey the real meanings I wanted that I decided I would start making videos. Many of these were for these talks so they will be about the work I produced, now I am hoping to do more experimentation with video and will post them as they come up.

Memories of Place (Video)

The Memories of Place video is a film I made to demonstrate the thought processes and the different approaches both physical and mental I used whilst working on this piece. It tries to show my working practices and includes all the different roads I went down to arrive at the finished piece. As much about the parts that didn't seem satisfactory as the end result.

The ghosts of Pete Townshends Guitars

Pete Townsend nearly always smashed his guitar at the end of The Who gigs. To me this akin to smashing your glass after a toast the glass cannot then be debased by another inferior toast so with his guitars they have fulfilled their potential and cannot be then corrupted by an inferior preformance.

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