Ghost guitars

In September of 2010 I exhibited in Illumini's Secret Subterranean London show, this installation featured the ghost guitars I cast in glass. Set as a 1960s backstage gig dressing room in the Camden Roundhouse, London. The show was in the basement of Shoreditch Town Hall.

Ghosts of Pete Townshends Guitars

Back in 2010 in I submitted a piece to the Victoria & Albert Museum's annual art competition 'Inspired By" for people on part-time courses. The final piece that I submitted was selected and displayed for a month. They also took an edited version of the video I made, detailing the ideas, processes, research and making of The Ghosts of Pete Townshends Guitars (TGOPTG) and showed it alongside the piece.

Memories of Place (Video)

The Memories of Place video is a film I made to demonstrate the thought processes and the different approaches both physical and mental I used whilst working on this piece. It tries to show my working practices and includes all the different roads I went down to arrive at the finished piece. As much about the parts that didn't seem satisfactory as the end result.

Encased in PVC & T.shirt time

Some work from the late '90s and early 2000s
Encased in PVC was a series of pieces that I made that instead of framing under glass which would have made the objects that I collected together into very large and heavy pieces.

Black and White Photography 1

A collection of black and white photographs. This batch are mostly taken in Shropshire and Powys and a few are from London Parks and one from Aldeburg in Suffolk..

Gomi and Glass

On High. mixed media 1990

So a brand new site and the question is where do I start?
The most logical place to start is at the beginning, to explain the name Gomi and Glass and a post for the start of my artistic endeavours, my first show which in was way back in 1990.
My first experience of exhibiting was a two man show, artist and puppet maker Cliff Doliver and myself put on an exhibition called Doodle and Gomi Soup in the gallery at Oval House Theatre, London.


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